Ryan Lee Coffee Shop

Ryan Lee Has His Freedym

I was introduced to Ryan Lee a couple of years ago. A mutual friend knew that I was thinking about changing my career trajectory and suggested that I look him up. When I did, I was impressed. The dude knows what he is talking about.

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My 1st Location Independent Income

My First Location Independent Income

Never in a million years did I think I would be teaching English online. Then again, never in a million years did I think it would be possible to give up my steady paycheck to become a globetrotter.

For one reason or another, teaching English online never appealed to me as an option when I started looking for online work. I figured it wasn't something I should be doing at this point in my life.

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2018 Task Goals

My 5 Task Goals for a Successful 2018

Now that 2017 is behind us, it's time to move forward. The year 2018 looks mighty bright, so let's turn on the engine and put the pedal to the metal.

This year I'm doing things a bit differently. Rather than setting "outcome" goals, I'm going to be setting "task" goals.

The difference between the two is that task goals are within my control, whereas outcome goals are not.

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2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review: 10 Countries in 3 Continents

Wow. What a year it has been. It feels like I fit a decade's worth of experiences and emotions into the year that was 2017.

I quit my finance job, gave up my apartment in Hollywood, and sold my sports car. Instead, I traveled the world with my girlfriend Joanna on the cheap, organized the Work Anywhere Summit, started teaching English online, and launched this blog.

Life will never be the same again.

Here's to 12 months worth of jubilation and frustration, ups and downs, laughter and tears.

Most importantly, here's to doing (most of) it all over again in 2018.

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Wroclaw Market Square

Ken’s Top 10: Wroclaw

I just spent 4.5 months in Wrocław, a city in southwest Poland, near the German and Czech borders.

In case you're curious about how to pronounce Wrocław, it sounds kinda like Vr-oats-wahv.

w = v    /    c = tz    /    ł = w

Cool? Cool.

By the way, Polish people call it Wrocław. Foreigners call it Wroclaw. Germans call it Breslau.

Now that we've gotten the impromptu Polish language lesson out of the way, let's talk about why Wrocław is a great city to visit. 

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Oktoberfest in Munich

Finding Chris: A Deeper Meaning to My First Oktoberfest

It is no secret that we all have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Most of us can’t live without it. Many of us waste way too much time on it.

The truth is, Facebook is here to stay, and it doesn’t care about your opinions, political or otherwise.

Enter However, if you are able to cut through all the BS that Facebook comes with, you can use it for the one thing it does best:

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Brides Friends Polish Wedding

5 Surprises From My First Polish Wedding

One of the advantages of having a Polish girlfriend is that I get to learn something new about her culture almost every day.

And thanks to my Work Anywhere lifestyle, I had the privilege of attending my first Polish wedding, about an hour’s drive outside the hustle and bustle of Krakow. Having caught a ride from a friend, I actually had no idea what town we were in, other than the fact that we were deep in the Polish countryside. 

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Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss on Fear and Suicide

I’ve been following Tim Ferriss for quite some time, long enough that I don’t even remember when I read his first book, The Four Hour Work Week. All I know is that I’ve read all of his books, read a bunch of his blog posts, and listened to most of his podcast episodes.

To say that I’m a fan and student of Tim would be an understatement.

In his most recent TED Talk, Tim shared an exercise that he does at least once a quarter, sometimes once a month. He revealed the steps he took to conquer the fear that his company would implode without him working there for 14 hours a day. The fact that he was this close to committing suicide in college probably didn’t help, either.

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El Modena High School Graduation

Futile Message to Angry 17 Year-Old Me

Jubilation erupts on the football field across the street from the Starbucks I’m in. I wonder what the commotion is about, look down at my iPhone, and see that it says June 15th.

It must be graduation season. That’s cool, I guess. Just like every June prior to this one, all the students in attendance are happily enduring the SoCal summer heat in order to punctuate the school year and move on with the rest of their lives.

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The Bund in Shanghai

My First Impressions of Shanghai

At the intersection of the modernization at the speed of light and the preservation of its rich cultural history, only one thing is for certain.

For better or for worse, you will never forget Shanghai.

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